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  • Introductory Note
    This section brings together enrichment materials for teaching «Modern European Literature», a course in Greek secondary schools. Special folders have been created for each of the texts anthologized in the textbook. These include alternative translations of the texts themselves, comparable literary...
  • Project team
    Project team Scholarly directors of the project “Issues in Inter-language Translation: Modern European Literature”: Lambros Varelas-Takis Kayalis Project Team: Lambros Varelas, Vassilis Vassileiadis, Antonis Dimopoulos, Georgia Drakou, Takis Kayalis, Ioana Naoum, Efthymia Petkou, Katerina Tiktopoulou Coordinator: Vassilis Vassileiadis Translators: Elena Avramidou, Chara Agianoglou, Maria...
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