Dictionaries and studies on specialized vocabulary (terminology) and loan words 


Introductory Note

This unit presents a list and selective presentation of basic aids, not only for the study of Medieval Greek, but also for a fuller picture of the historical course of Greek. It contains:

  • (a) dictionaries and studies on specialized vocabularies of Medieval Greek (nautical, legal, botanical, ecclesiastical terminology, etc.) and
  • (b) studies on loan words which appear in Greek during the Medieval period (Venetian, Italian, Turkish, Slavic, etc.). These dictionaries and studies are in print version, and were compiled in Modern Greek or in one of the European languages.

Their inclusion in the electronic environment of the Portal for the Greek Language aims to provide broader bibliographic updating, as well as to promote use of these references by students and scholars with a specialist interest, or educators hoping to receive assistance in the teaching of Greek by employing electronic resources.

The content of this section is available only in the Greek version.

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