Literary journals (1974 -) 

Informational entries for current and past issues of literary journals 

In the following pages a guide to Modern Greek literary journals of the post-Junta period (1974-) is given. In the field of philological research, taking into consideration the usefulness of literary journals for the study of Modern Greek literature, significant progress has been made in recent years in gathering and presenting Modern Greek journals on literature and art for approximately the first half of the 20th century. However, the modern period remains largely uncharted, particularly from 1974 onwards. It is this research void that this informational guide aims to fill.
In the following catalogue, literary periodicals published since 1974 (or those in circulation prior and post that year) are listed. The title and subtitle (usually of the first issue), the place of publication, the duration of circulation and number of issues are provided. Regarding any publication for which there is further information on the Internet, either on a particular web page or on comparable listing efforts, the URL is noted along with a link, so that those interested may have direct access to this information.
In the list of journals below, purely philological journals are not included, i.e., those that do not publish literature per se, but are exclusively devoted to the study of Modern Greek literature (e.g., Ελληνικά, Μαντατοφόρος, university yearbooks, etc.). “Mixed”/ “semi-literary” journals are included, however, on condition that they also systematically publish literary contributions. For practical and methodological reasons, only journals published in Greece are listed; journals published in Cyprus and by the Greek Diaspora are omitted. In future funding of this work, these areas will also be charted.
The inventory of literary journals in the following pages is the product of an initial attempt to “map” the post-1974 period, and it is only natural that there may be omissions in documenting. It remains, though, an initial and solid groundwork for the inclusion of titles in a later, more systematic and exhaustive inventory. As for current periodicals, this catalogue records their circulation up to the summer of 2006.
From the total catalogue of periodicals, 64 are presented in full detail. On the one hand, the choice was made on the basis of their being representative (not only Athenian but also provincial; not only long- but also short-lived; not only “conventional” but also “alternative,” etc.). On the other hand, selection was determined by practical considerations, since journals for which members of the research team had access to their entire publication run were preferred. From this analytical presentation, any journal beginning prior to 1974 and continuing to circulate (e.g., Νέα Εστία, Σημειώσεις etc.) was excluded for practical and methodological reasons. In the concise entries compiled for each of the 64 journals, a special section presents details about their identity, as well as a brief note on the types of material it hosts and its collaborators. Finally, a photograph of its cover (usually of the first issue) is provided.

In future funding of this work, detailed presentation will be expanded to include as many titles as possible.

The content of this section is available only in the Greek version.

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