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Introductory Note

The websites refering to Medieval Greek language and Byzantine culture are many and of various sources: the websites of research centres, universities, libraries, museums, societies, and individuals dealing with Medieval Greek and Byzantine culture in general.

We endeavor here to present some of these websites, in view of better informing and serving the scholar, student, educator and every other computer user interested in the Greek language during this period.

The websites described below are examined for their information coverage and the quality of their content and applications. We focus on the special services provided by each, the lists of links and addresses supplied, and how regularly they are updated. The final evaluation also takes into consideration the navigation system and the general impression the site gives the reader.

With respect to research and educational institutions, we have chosen the web pages that offer the widest range and variety of activities in Byzantine studies. We note the combination of teaching and research, as well as the interdisciplinary approach or interdepartmental collaboration that appears in the web pages.

Of course, our current list of links contains only a portion of the websites worth visiting. It is constantly being updated and enriched.

The content of this section is available only in the Greek version.

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