Modern Greek Literature 

Studies on Modern Greek Literary subjects 


Introductory Note

A critical presentation of the most basic and possibly most important studies published over the past twenty years related to discrete themes and areas of Modern Greek literature.
For each thematic area/ topic, 8-10 titles are as a rule selected, which are introduced in detail and in a critical fashion by experienced specialist readers-scholars. The covers and tables of contents of the selected studies are provided in scanned form. The objective is for the user to become informed on the one hand of the basic titles that could be introduced into one of the selected themes, and on the other to learn about more particular points of these themes, and about proposed approaches to them.

There are three ways to navigate among the studies:

  1. By using the table of thematic areas (or topics) that appears on this page. By clicking on the theme (or topic) of interest, you go to the list of titles.
  2. By using the list/catalogue of titles, arranged alphabetically by author. By clicking on the entry of interest, you go to the related presentation.

The content of this section is available only in the Greek version.

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