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Modern European Literature 

Enrichment materials for teaching 

This section brings together enrichment materials for teaching «Modern European Literature», a course in Greek secondary schools.

Special folders have been created for each of the texts anthologized in the textbook. These include alternative translations of the texts themselves, comparable literary texts, and essays on literary theory and criticism. Similar folders have been assembled for the literary genres and forms, techniques and styles, literary movements, and schools in European and Modern Greek literature.

Studies and bibliography on the history, theory, and criticism of literary translation are noted, as well as teaching suggestions and introductions regarding how to make best use of the folders.

This unit also includes the anthologized texts in the school textbook, a guide to Internet sites related to the writers and works in the Anthology, as well as an anthology of translated short stories and poems.

The Modern Greek and translated literary and critical texts in this section are made available as a «digital library».

The content of this section is available only in the Greek version.

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