Translations of Literature to Modern Greek 

The translation production of the Eastern Mediterranean Hellenism during the period 1880-1930 

Introductory Note

You may search for information about translations, whether printed in books or in published in newspapers and magazines, of the Eastern Mediterranean Hellenism for the period 1880-1930.

There are literary texts belonging to various genres translated into Modern Greek: poetry, prose, drama, and essays, indexed from 243 periodicals, journals, and newspapers, and 261 single editions from the southeast region of the Eastern Mediterranean Hellenism: Asia Minor, Cyprus, and Egypt.

More than 4,300 records are available. These may be searched by author, translator, title of the text or publication, year of publication, type of text, original language, place of publication, key words, and subjects.

The database offers in a systematic format all the printed information in the bibliographical study: L. Papaleontiou. 1998. Λογοτεχνικές μεταφράσεις του μείζονος ελληνισμού (Literary translations of the Hellenism of the Eastern Mediterranean). Thessaloniki: Centre for the Greek Language.

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