Online Dictionaries 


On line dictionaries while providing all the valuable information to the user (lexical information, data concerning the semantics or the use of the language) exactly as standard dictionaries, they do it in a more useful and appealing way.

On line dictionaries have been designed in such a way that the user can either choose among the available information those that are relevant to his search or he can have the whole article at his disposal.

The four on line dictionaries having been especially selected for their comprehensiveness, their validity and their scientific approach, are supplemented by text corpora that provide the educator with an even broader and realistic range of examples concerning the use of the lexical units. The user can also choose to search all four dictionaries simultaneously.

Finally, the available lexical exercises enrich even more the facilities provided by the computer thus turning the dictionaries into an important and multiple tool for school practices.

Last Modified: 24/03/2008 11:41