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Interactive Online exercises 

Introductory Note

A collection of interactive Online exercises is provided for practical employment of the Portal’s tools. These exercises also function as “models”, giving the teacher the possibility of in each case different applications designed to support understanding of vocabulary and syntactic forms.

The Exercises deal with:

  • (a) the comparative study of Ancient Greek syntactic structures and their renderings in Modern Greek
  • (b) employment of the Word Concordance in the learning of Ancient Greek vocabulary
  • ( c) comparative use of the three lexica (Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Greek)
  • (d) creation and formation of words in Ancient Greek and the formation of word families
  • (e) specialized usage of words and figures of speech by literary genre-type

The content of this section is available only in the Greek version.

The Exercises:

  • were drawn up in order to facilitate the reading of Texts of Anthology
  • are categorized in Lists of phenomena (avaliable only in the Greek Version) in Ancient Greek Language (of Grammar, Syntax, Vocabulary, Interpretation-Translation) for which exercises have been prepared
  • are included in Worksheets (available only in the Greek Version), ready for electronic completion, printing, or saving

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