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The teaching of Modern Greek in Greek universities: undergraduate and graduate programs 

Introductory Note

In this unit, information about studying and teaching the Greek language as a native or second/foreign language at the postgraduate level is provided. The material collected is based on information in the Catalogues of Study and web pages, on information from liaison offices, and frequently on telephone communication with the administrative offices of the departments offering such studies.

Together with postgraduate programs related to the teaching of Modern Greek, information is also provided about corresponding undergraduate courses at Greek universities. Thus, this catalogue provides a more general picture of courses related to the teaching of Modern Greek as a native, second, or foreign language in Greek universities.

This listing was compiled during the 2005-2006 academic year, and our goal to update it continuously. However, if there are changes of which we were not aware, please e-mail .

The content of this section is available only in the Greek version.

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