Concordance to the Poetic Oeuvre of George Seferis

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Giorgos Seferis

The Concordance is a catalogue of word types encountered throughout the entire poetic oeuvre of George Seferis, i.e. Ποιήματα, Τετράδιο Γυμνασμάτων Β΄, Εντεψίζικα and Ποιήματα με ζωγραφιές σε μικρά παιδιά, along with their linguistic contexts. In its digital form, the Concordance offers the possibility of searching by entry word and lexical type (word form), and also permits access to the entire poem through the concrete token. It will appeal both to specialist researchers in Modern Greek poetry and language as well as to students and teachers in secondary and tertiary education, as it provides a comprehensive picture of the lexicographic wealth of Seferis’s poetry; in addition, through citing words’ contexts, it contributes to a new interpretative and aesthetic approach to Seferis’s poetics.