Guide to Navigation in Classics on the Web 

Websites and Software 

Introductory Note

In this section, the sources for Ancient Greek language, literature, and culture available on the Internet (e.g. antiquity portals, web pages, and special programs) or in multimedia format (software and audio-visual materials), are collected (in the form of a database and subject lists) and evaluated, with emphasis on those which may be employed for educational purposes.

Two lists of subjects (Κατάλογος θεμάτων) and terms (Κατάλογος όρων) facilitate the specialized search of information in the electronic sources for Ancient Greek language, literature, and culture.

Additionally, the bibliography regarding the electronic sources for Ancient Greek language, literature and culture is recorded, as well as plans and proposals of the most efficient use of new technologies in the study and teaching of Ancient Greek language and literature.

This guide provides assistance in dealing with the volume of digital information for Ancient Greek language and literature as well as criteria of the evaluation of electronic products as it concerns their pedagogical value, their approach to Ancient Greek, their level of scholarly documentation, and their contribution to knowledge of antiquity.

The content of this section is available only in the Greek version.

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