Dictionaries of Medieval Greek 

Select dictionaries of Medieval Greek 


The goal of this presentation is the listing and description of dictionaries (in both print and electronic forms) of Medieval Greek, both learned and vulgar, from the 4th to the 17th c. A.D.

The main points of reference for the commentary on each dictionary are the following:

  1. Publication data: the full title of the work, the redactor, the publisher, the place and date of publication, further reprints, and the format [full title, redactor, scholary and publication editor, place/year of publication, further editions, form of publication.].
  2. The dictionary: the structure of the lexicon vis-à-vis its component parts, the page format, introductory notes, tables, and appendices.
  3. Μacrostructure: list of lemmata, examination of dialectic/idiomatic elements, and the type and classification of entries.
  4. Μicrostructure: entry word (lemma), morphological, semantic, and etymological information, citation of information, synonyms and antonyms, and miscellaneous information.
  5. Critical evaluation: the lexicon’s strong and weak points.

The above information is intended to enrich the bibliographic knowledge of every interested reader regarding basic reference works on Medieval Greek, and to make a small contribution to their more effective use in the studying and teaching of the Greek language and literature of the Middle Ages.

Ch. Passalis – P. Mavridou

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