Albert Debrunner 

Word Formation in Ancient Greek 


Introductory Note

Word Formation in Ancient Greek is an electronic database format of the handbook Griechische Wortbildungslehre by the German Hellenist ALBERT DEBRUNNER (translation: Elias Tsiringakis, scholarly supervision: Prof. E. Petrounias). It provides an “X-ray” of Greek vocabulary, as it examines the principles of word formation and the close relation between etymology and meaning. It contributes in a two-piece way to correct understanding of Ancient Greek, indicating that: (a) the knowledge of a number of stems and the formation of suffixes can lead with relative ease to the comprehension of a large number of words, and (b) the identification of morphological derivation with lexical meanings is erroneous.

The database may be searched in three ways:

  • (a) Through the analytical contents, by chapter and section.
  • (b) Through the two Charts which provide access to the chapters on Word Formation and Derivation.
  • ( c) Through the three Indices, where one can search for (I) specific Greek words and compounds, (ΙΙ)Themes-Suffixes, and (ΙΙΙ) specific Terms.

Finally, two complementary Lists have been added, containing the Rendering of German terms in Greek translation, and the Authors referred to in the text, together with an indication of the century in which they wrote.

The content of this section is available only in the Greek version.

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