Dictionaries of Modern Greek 

Presentation of print and electronic dictionaries of Greek 

Introductory Note

Modern Greek dictionaries are important tools in the study of the language, because they preserve a significant part of the history of its development. The transition from dictionaries of learned Greek (katharevousa) to dictionaries of demotic Greek illustrates the “language question” and supplements our perspective of the issue as obtained from specialized studies. Additionally, the transition from the first bilingual and trilingual glossaries to dictionaries with specific lexicographical principles forms part of Modern Greek lexicographical history. And the comparative study of a given word is good exercise in critical linguistic thinking.

Dialect and encyclopedic dictionaries are also used as sources, particularly useful for the visitor with specialized linguistic and lexicographical interests.

In this framework, we present the titles of the general, dialect, and encyclopedic dictionaries published from 1900 to the present, describing the more important ones in greater detail. The environment also functions as a database.

The content of this section is available only in the Greek version.

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