Basic Lexicon of Ancient Greek


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he Basic Lexicon of Ancient Greek comprises an electronic database, which is composed by the Lexicography Division of the Centre for the Greek Language and is supplied progressively with new entries. The compilation of a reference lexicon with the basic vocabulary of Ancient Greek at its core is designed to meet the needs of teaching Ancient Greek from the original at the secondary school level.

The contents of the Basic Lexicon consist chiefly of Attic prose (historiography, rhetoric, and philosophy), and a number of lyric and dramatic poetry texts, as these are taught in secondary schools. However, a "Canon of Authors" has also been created to offer a more effective and comprehensive documentation of meanings. This encompasses the basic genres of poetic (epic, lyric, dramatic) and prose discourse (historiography, philosophy, rhetoric), covers the period from Homer to Aristotle, and includes most of the authors taught at the secondary and university levels. The Canon also constitutes the wider collection of reference texts on the basis of which meanings are attested in the Lexicon.

The Basic Lexicon of Ancient Greek was composed in a database, so as to comprise an electronic aid, and is available on the Internet. It is accompanied by the following indices and charts:

  • Abbreviations of authors and works
  • General abbreviations
  • Editions of Ancient Greek literature
  • Chart of inflectional models or paradigms
  • Full inflectional paradigms

Project team

Scholarly supervisor: I. N. Kazazis

Design and general oversight: E. Sistakou

Electronic layout: T. Giannou, A. Mavropoulos, E. Sistakou

Text editing and proofing: E. Mitrousi, S. Tselikas

Preliminary lexicographical work and compilation: S. Alagiozidou, S. Alexandridou, O. Gavranopoulou, Z. Theodoridou, O. Kalogeridou, E. Karakantza, V. Mantsopoulou, D. Bagavos, E. Palla, A. Ralli