The Complete Works of Emmanouel Kriaras 


Introductory Note by E. Kriaras

Thessaloniki, 17.2.2012

In early 2010, I gladly accepted the proposal by the President of the Centre for the Greek Language, I. N. Kazazis, to have my complete works digitised. This project was very ambitious, due to the volume of my works, the reviews and critical works on it, as well as the volume of the indices of terms accompanying them. A small team, comprised of the researchers Rania Voskaki (coordination and oversight), Christos Andras (digital implementation support), Athanasia Margoni (data entry), and Katerina Plastara (data entry), worked on this project, with Dr. I. N. Kazazis acting as scientific advisor.

For the implementation of the project I allowed complete access to my archives, in order for them to be catalogued, digitised, and electronically categorised in the Portal for the Greek Language. I have aided the project team during their work on this endeavour by providing ample advice and guidance. I am also happy that, among others, the team has digitised inventories of terms that I myself had compiled to my entire works, as well as of works by J. Psicharis. Thus, both the specialised researcher and the average reader are given the opportunity to easily access my work.

The end result of this project is very satisfying, and I believe that at the time being it covers almost the entirety of my scientific work, accompanied by representative audio-visual material. My hope is that it will gradually be completed, provided that the publishing houses allow it. Therefore, I would wish to warmly thank the Centre for the Greek Language, the authors, and publishers who have allowed the full text of my works to become available to all those interested.

Emmanouel Kriaras
Emeritus Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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