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Electronic products for Modern Greek literature 


Introductory Note

This guide is an effort to chart the electronic landscape for Modern Greek literature, as this appeared up until August 2006. It lists electronic products (more specifically, digital discs related to Greek authors and their works in one or another way).

More specifically, included here are:

  • CDs with readings and musical arrangements of literary texts;
  • DVDs with films and television series based on literary works, or documentaries and programs devoted to the life and work of Greek authors; and finally,
  • CD-roms with literary works in digital format, or with related AV materials.

Also provided is information concerning the creators of these products, their contents, and their date of publication.

There are two means of navigating the material listed here:

  1. By using the catalogues (of titles and authors) that appear on this page. By clicking on the title or author of interest, you will go to the relevant entries.
  2. By entering a word or phrase in the ‘Search’ that appears on this page, you will go to all the entries related to the word/phrase you have entered.

Andreas Galanos

The content of this section is available only in the Greek version.

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