Modern Greek short stories (1974 κ.ε.) 

Information on single editions of Modern Greek short stories 

In this section, the user may find information on collections and anthologies of Modern Greek short stories first published between 1974 and 2002. Editions of older works are not included.
The fields for which the database provides information include:

  • names of anthology editors
  • titles of collections or anthologies
  • date and place of publication
  • publisher
  • any awards the edition may have received
  • analytical information on reviews which have been published on the edition, either in newspapers, periodicals, etc. or in books (name of the reviewer, title of publication, date).

The database allows:

  • basic searches (in which the user completes only one search field, e.g. the name of the writer, and receives a series of relative information)
  • advanced searches (where the user completes two or more terms in two or more fields, requesting e.g. reviews published by reviewer X in newspaper Y in 1980)
  • power advanced searches (where the user completes two or more terms in two or more corresponding fields, but in one or more of these fields two or more details are entered; e.g., one may search for the reviews published by reviewer X in newspapers Y and Z during the period 1980-1984, awards won by collections of X publisher during the years 1974-1990, etc.)

The option More…, where suggested, brings up a full record for each collection or anthology.

It should be noted that the choice of collections and anthologies as the basis for the development of a database is not self-evident for the literary genre of the short story. The publishing particulars and the circulation of the short story, which may be published–sometimes repeatedly – in magazines, newspapers, collections, every sort of anthology, reprinted and re-arranged collections, thematic volumes, journals, etc. are a given for this genre, and one of its most interesting aspects. In this sense, isolated short stories form a more justifiable research starting-point than a collection or an anthology. However, the requirements for a research project of this kind, which one may hope will be feasible in the future, for the time being far exceed the limited means which allowed this present collection of data.

The content of this section is avaliable only in the Greek version.

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