The Complete Works of Emmanouel Kriaras 


Introductory Note by the Project Team

The present data base of the Complete Works of E. Kriaras records and presents the entire works by the Professor, as well as various publications on and reviews of his work. This endeavour, complicated and difficult, due to the volume of its contents, has been supported from the beginning by the Professor himself, who allowed us complete access to his archives. Most of the works digitised here still retain some notes and marginal comments of the author. The material presented here is accompanied by indices of terms (i.e. key-words of each book), which are electronically linked to the pages of the work they refer to. Thus, it is made possible for the researcher to seek specific chapters or terms referring to one or more works, and to have access to the wider context they belong to.

The digitised material is divided into the following categories:

  1. Dictionary of Medieval Vulgar Greek Literature (Volumes I-XVII)
    (17 Volumes of the Dictionary: the first 14 volumes were compiled and published by E. Kriaras himself; Volumes 15 and on are published by the Lexicography Department of the Centre for the Greek Language, under the guidance and supervision of Dr I. N. Kazazis)
  2. Medieval Studies
    Scientific studies by E. Kriaras on texts of medieval literature.
  3. On Languge
    Studies on the Greek language and the Greek Language Problem.
  4. Correspondence - Autobiographical Works - Other Documents
    • books with Prof. Kriaras’ correspondence,
    • autobiographical works, and
    • rare written documents
  5. Monographs - Book reviews
    Other authors’ attempts to compile lists of the works of E. Kriaras, and various publications and reviews on his work.
  6. Journals
    Articles in scholarly journals by E. Kriaras, as well as by other prominent scholars regarding his work.

Finally, audio-visual material has also been uploaded (videos with interviews, speeches, and opening speeches by E. Kriaras).

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