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Strategies for learning and teaching suggestions 

Comprehensive proposals for teaching the four skills in learning Greek as a foreign/second language 

Introductory Note

ere we present suggestions (3 teaching hours for all the skills) for classroom activities for the four levels of examinations for the certificate of attainment in Modern Greek. These activities differ according to students’ level and age. The purpose of the activities is to develop the communicative ability of students of Modern Greek as a second/foreign language through the four skills (comprehension and production of oral and written language). Relevant information is provided for each proposed activity, including: its goal, the age and level of students for whom it was designed, its probable length, supporting material for the teacher, its implementation, and the learning strategies which students can use to achieve the desired objective. For level A in particular, there is a differentiation by candidate age into minors-adults, and teaching suggestions and learning strategies appropriate for each age category. At the other levels (B, C, and D), the majority of candidates are adults, and thus no distinction by age was considered necessary.

The content of this section is avaliable only in the Greek version.

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