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Introductory Note

In the following pages, an attempt is made – for the first time, at least with regard to Greece – to systematically gather, arrange, and present websites and web pages dealing with Modern Greek literature along with additional commentary. More specifically, the Internet material identified concerns the following areas:

  1. Personal web pages of Greek writers and web pages on Greek writers.
  2. Electronic/Internet anthologies of Modern Greek literature.
  3. Electronic/Internet archives and portals, both Greek and non-Greek, on Greek literature
  4. Electronic/Internet anthologies of literary criticism and theory.
  5. Electronic/Internet journals of Modern Greek literature and web pages of print literary journals.

Web pages of advertising or commercial character (e.g., publishers) were excluded from this catalogue, as were web pages with a clearly para-literary orientation, in accordance with the criteria and intuition of the undersigned researcher/editor.
Given that the presence and wide usage of the Internet is somewhat new in Greece, the identification of material was based less on the – in any case, scarce – organized electronic data banks and more on manual searching on the (often chaotic, and almost by definition “disorganized”) Internet. Any recommendations are gladly accepted (via e-mail to ), so that some of the web pages that escaped notice may be added in a future upgrade of the present endeavour. It is, further, to be understood that some of the existing web pages may cease to be valid in the near future; thus their presence in this study will acquire a mere “historic” value, indicating the ephemeral and ever-changing character of anything related to web reality.
A sign of the rapid development of the Internet is the fact that some time after the planning and writing of the present work, a form of net communication appeared on the Greek Internet often pertaining to Modern Greek literature; namely web logs (blogs). The undersigned has already commenced listing and commenting on this novel material, so that it may be added as a sixth category to the present work.

The content of this section is available only in the Greek version.

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