Translations of Literature to Modern Greek 

The translation production of the Eastern Mediterranean Hellenism during the period 1880-1930 

Project team

Takis Kayalis

Scholarly supervisor of the unit “Modern Greek Literature (information-study-texts)”.

Vassilis Vassileiadis

Coordination, proposal design and description of the database, corrections and editing of individual records, electronic editing of the accompanying informational texts and indices.

Lefteris Papaleondiou

Completion and editing of entry-records and of the accompanying informational texts.

The database provides the information of the printed bibliography edited by the same author: Λογοτεχνικές μεταφράσεις του μείζονος ελληνισμού (Centre for the Greek Language, Thessaloniki 1998).

Kostas Frouzakis

Data-entry for the individual records and indices.

Lambros Varelas also collaborated on editing and data entry for the accompanying informational texts.

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