Text Corpora 

Anthology of Ancient Greek prose texts 


Introductory Note

Prose texts taught in the Greek Lykeion (Grades 10-12) form the body of the texts of Anthology. A selection of texts has been added to this, coming from the three basic genres of Classical Attic prose: historiography, philosophy, and rhetoric. The original corpus will be gradually enhanced with representative prose works, so as to form a new Ancient Greek prose anthology ("thematographia").

The basic criterion for the selection of excerpts is their logical and thematic self-sufficiency. A title and a brief introductory note are added to each, together with information necessary for its understanding in context. This new “thematographia", in conjunction with the lexicographic tools, supports an organized, coherent method of approaching Ancient Greek: according to this method, we do not learn mere grammar forms, but rather attempt to understand more profoundly the texts in which a grammatical form is situated (lexicographically and semantically, syntactically, stylistically and ideologically), so that we may highlight the particular language “codes” and typology of each text, together with its explicit and implicit elements.

The content of this section is available only in the Greek version.

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