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  • ua Ukraine | Exam Centers

    Centre for the Greek Language

    tel.: 380322964138
    fax: 380322727976

    Dean of the National University of L'viv I.O. Vakartsouk. Appointed by the Greek Ministry of Education: Anastassios Zorbas.

  • ua Ukraine | Exam Centers

    Hellenic Foundation for Culture, Odessa

    Krasnij Pereoulok 16-20
    65026, Odessa
    Tel: 00380 482357136, 0038 482357137, 0038482357138
    Fax: 00380 482346640

    El. Samaritaki, N. Podkovyroff

  • ua Ukraine | Universities

    Hellenic Foundation for Culture, Odessa Branch |

    16-20 Krasnij Pereoulok
    65026 Odessa
    Tel: 00380 482357136, 0038 482357137, 0038482357138
    Fax: 00380 482346640

    El. Samaritaki, N. Podkovyroff

    Modern Greek courses are offered in 4 levels (according to the instructions given by the Centre for the Greek Language). Faculty: El. Samaritaki, N. Podkovyroff. Over 2,600 students have attended the classes, mostly Ukrainians. There are also special classes for children.
    It is an established exam centre, in Ukraine and Moldova, for the Certificate for the Attainment of the Greek Language. The Certificate holders work at the Greek General Conculate in Odessa or in Mariupol, in Greek businesses in Ukraine or other institutions. Many of them teach Modern Greek in schools, as the Mariinski highschool, the sunday schools of Odessa etc.

  • ua Ukraine | Universities | Exam Centers

    L'viv State University

    Centre of Greek Language and Culture |

    1/415 Universitetskaya St.
    79000 L'viv
    Tel.: +380 32 239 4138

    Modern Greek was introduced in 1991; Modern Greek as a second foreign language has been offered at the School for Foreign Relations since 2000. The Centre for the Greek Language and Culture has been offering courses (since 2000) to students and teachers of this or any other University, to the members of the Greek club in L’viv and to all interested parties in L’viv and western Ukrainia.
    Faculty: Lina Hlushchenko, M.T.Mokrivska.

  • ua Ukraine | Universities | Exam Centers

    Mariupol State University of Humanities

    College of Greek Philology |

    129 Budivelnikiv Ave.
    87500 Mariupol
    Tel: + 380 629 344574

    Coordinator: Victoria Chelpan

    It is the only autonomous school of Greek philology in Ukrainia. It is divided into two departments: Greek Philology, and Greek Language and Translation. It was founded in 2002 on the basis of the existing, since 1996, department of Greek Philology and is overseen by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science, which has approved the Faculty’s curriculum.
    Subjects offered: Modern Greek language, computing and applied linguistics principles, literary history, theories of phonology, research methods, history of the Modern Greek language, geography and history, methods for teaching Modern Greek, grammar theory, stylistics, history of the Modern Greek literature, dialectology, translation in theory and practice, text analysis and stylistics, English, Italian.
    During their five years of study students work on 3 assignments: a) 2nd year: an assignment on literature, b) 3rd year: an assignment on a topic of their specialty, c) 4th year: an assignment on a topic of their specialty.
    During the 3rd and 4th year of study, students practice teaching the Greek language, teaching the English language, and translating the Greek language.
    After 4 years of study students are tested on Modern Greek (their specialty) and are awarded the Bachelor degree: the Greek philology department graduates specialize as teachers of the Greek language and literature and a second/foreign language, while the Greek language and translation department graduates specialize as translators of Greek and English. When they conclude the 5th year students sit for the state exams in Greek language and literature and English, and support their thesis, which is related to specific issues on linguistics or literature.
    Students from other parts of Ukrainia have the opportunity to attend an intensive course by correspondence.
    18 teachers are working at the department, 15 of whom have graduated from the University of Mariupol and 3 are teachers appointed by the Greek Ministry of Education.
    Modern Greek is offered to other departments of the University as well, as a second/foreign language or as an elective course.
    The Faculty cooperates with other Ukrainian universities and with the universities of Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Patra, and Cyprus.
    A library of 7,000 volumes is available.
    The Faculty is also engaged in organizing events on Greek culture. Moreover, for the last six years it has been organizing the Pan-Ukrainian Olympics on Modern Greek.

  • ua Ukraine | Exam Centers

    National University "Tarasa Shevchenka"

    Institute of Philology, Chair of Hellenistics |

    Blvd. Tarasa Shevchenka 14,
    Office 49-50
    1030 Kiev
    tel./fax: 0038 044 239 33 48

    Mrs Svitlana Pereplyotchykova

  • ua Ukraine | Universities

    National University I.I.M. Mechnikovo

    Faculty of Foreign Languages, Chair for Translation and Interpretation, Center of Modern Greek Studies |

    Frantsouskij Boulevard 24/26
    65026 Odessa
    Tel.: +380 50 55 46 141
    Fax: +380 482 346640

    Coordinator: Nanouchka Podkovyroff

    Modern Greek has been offered since 1996 as a third foreign language. The Center was officially founded during the academic year 1999-2000. It is since then that Modern Greek can be selected as a second foreign language. Students are trained as translators or interpreters and as teachers of Modern Greek in Ukrainian schools and institutions.
    Faculty: Nanouchka Podkovyroff.

  • ua Ukraine | Universities

    Tauric National University "V. I. Vernadsky"

    Faculty of Foreign Philology, Deparrtment of Greek Philology |

    11 Lenin St.
    95001 Simferopol-Crimea
    Tel.: +38 0652 232380
    Fax: +38 0652 232310

    Chairperson: Edward Sh. Isayev

    The University was founded in 1918 under the name Tauric University. During the period 1921-1972, it was renamed the ”Pedagogical Institute of Crimea”, and from 1972-1999 its was named “National Simferopol University”. Since 1992 it has been renamed to Tauric National University “V.I. Vernadsky”. The Department of Greek Philology is part of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Subjects: Modern Greek language, history, culture, Ancient Greek, Byzantine Greek, methods for Modern Greek teaching. The duration of studies is 4-5 years and the degrees awarded certify the knowledge of the Greek and English languages. Students may continue with postgraduate studies. 83 students attend the courses.
    A library of about 1,700 volumes is available. It has published seven school books and has organized two conferences.
    Faculty: Alexander S. Kozlov, Leonid B. Pavlenko, Olga N. Alexandrova, Irina I. Vdovitchenko, S. A. Lazaridis, Alexander K. Georgiadis, Leila A. Shenghelia, A. A. Lazaridi, Vasilios Makris, Christos Chrisafis.

  • ua Ukraine | Exam Centers

    Tauric National University "V. I. Vernadsky"

    Chair for Greek Philology of the School of Foreign Literatures

    Postal Code: 950001,
    Lenina 11,
    Simferopol, Crimea
    Tel: 380652253084
    Fax: 380652275748

    Pavlos Papadopoulos

  • ua Ukraine | Universities

    The National

    Institute of Philology |

    14 Taras Shevchenko Ave., of. 49-50
    Postal address: 64, Volodymyrska str.
    01033 Kyiv
    Tel. / Fax: +38 044 239 33 48

    Coordinator: Hrygorii Semeniouk

    The Chair for Hellenistics and the Centre of Greek Studies and Culture were founded in 1999. The Centre was named after a well-known Ukrainian classicist, prof. Andriy Biletskiy, who was the first, together with Tatiana Tsernissova, to teach Modern Greek in 1958. Andriy Biletskiy wrote the concise grammar of Modern Greek, which is included in the Greek-Russian Dictionary published in Moscow in 1950. The first scholars studying the Greek dialect of the inhabitants of the regions of the Azofic sea (rumeiki), together with their students, were the first to introduce the Ukrainian people to the works of Modern Greek writers (N. Kazantzakis, A. Samarakis, G. Ritsos and others were translated into Ukrainian during the 1060s) and the Greek people to the Ukrainian culture (e.g., the known Ukrainian poet Taras Shevtsenko was translated into Greek).
    Modern Greek has been offered at the Institute of Philology, the Institute for Foreign Relations, and the School of Journalism, as a primary or secondary foreign language, since 1993. The graduates of the Institute of Philology are awarded the degree of philologist, teacher of Modern Greek and another foreign language (English, German) and literature, or of the interpreter/translator of two foreign languages (usually English-Greek). Students have a choice to enroll in the postgraduate courses or simply learn the language. Workshops and conferences of Greek interest are held every two years.
    Important publications: the first Greek-Ukrainian Dictionary (2003).
    An organized library has been compiled with books donated by Andriy Biletskiy, the Jason Project (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), the University of Athens, and other Greek institutions.
    Students have the opportunity to continue with postgraduate studies. Courses are also provided to interested students not studying at the Centre.
    The Centre also organizes the Pan-Ukrainian contest for the best translation of a Greek literary work for Greek-speaking University students from all over the country.
    Faculty: Nina Klimenko, Alexander Ponomariv, Eugenie Chernukhin, Svitlana Perepliotchykova, Andrey Savenko, Irina Titarenko, Tahisia Poushkar.

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