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MD Moldova

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  • md Moldova | Universities

    Moldova State University

    Faculty of Letters |

    Str. M.Kogălniceanu, Nr. 65, bloc 1
    2009 Chişinău
    Moldova Republic
    Tel.: +373 22 577619
    Fax: +373 22 577618

    Chairperson: Claudia Cemartan

    The Chair in Classics was founded in 1964. The specialty Rumanian Language and Literature-Greek Language has been offered since 1997. Subjects: Modern Greek grammar, translation theory and practice, Ancient Greek language and literature, Modern Greek history of literature, ancient history, modern history, elements of Greek culture. Degree awarded: Interpreter (Greek).
    A library of about 1,200 volumes is available.
    Faculty: Elena Junghietu, Doina Axenti, Elena Onica, Adela Manolii, Anastasios Glikas.

  • md Moldova | Universities

    State University of Komrat

    Chair for Foreign Languages, Section of Greek Studies

    Chair for Foreign Languages
    Section of Greek Studies
    Autonomous Area of Gagauzia
    Tel.: +373 298 27638

    The Section of Greek Studies of the State University of Komrat of the Autonomous Area of Gagauzia (Moldavia) was founded in 2004. It offers a 5-year study specializing in “Rumanian and Greek Philology” and “German and Greek Philology”. 34 students attend the classes. Elective courses in Greek Language and Culture are also offered to all those interested; the Section also supports the Greek courses offered at the State Pedagogical College “Mihail Tsakir” and the State 12-year School “Gavriil Gaitartzi”. The Greek Ministry of Education has appointed a teacher since 2006 to the university of Komrat. Many of the Section’s students have attended seminars on the Greek language organized by the Universities of Athens, Ioannina, Corfu, Thessaloniki and the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus

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