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    University of Balamand

    Saint John of Damascus Institute of Theology |

    Monastery of Balamand
    P.O. Box 100
    Tripoli, Lebanon
    Tel.: +961 6 930 305-6-7
    Fax: +961 6 930 304

    Coordinator: Habib Levant

    The Institute of Theology was founded by the Patriarchiate of Antioch. Archimindrate Athanassios Kaseer of Balamand founded the first school for clerics at the Balamand Monastery. The school closed in 1840 and was re-opened in 1899 by Patriarch Meletios II. In 1962 Patriarch Theodossios VI assigned Ignatius, the current Patriarch, with the direction of the school. In 1969 the founding of an Institute was decided. The Institute has been officially operating since 1971. Bishop Paul Yazigi has been the dean of the Institute since 1995.
    The Institute is a centre for teaching and theological research. All students have to attend the preparatory seminar for 3 months. Students study Arabic, Modern Greek, and English. During the summer term, intensive Modern Greek courses are offered and visits to monasteries and holy places are organized.
    A library of 30,000 volumes in many different languages (Arabic, Syrian, English, French, Greek, Rumanian, Russian) is available.
    Faculty: Maria Alexiou.

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