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GE Georgia

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  • ge Georgia | Universities

    Shota Rustaveli Batumi State University

    Department of Clasical Philology, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies |

    Ninoshvili St. 35
    6010 Batumi
    Tel.: +995 222 71780
    Fax: +995 222 71787

    Coordinator: Marina Giorgadze

    The Department was founded in 1996. Courses: Modern Greek Language, History of Modern Greek Literature, Ancient Greek, Mythology, History of Greek Literature, History of Byzantine Literature, History of the Greek Language, History of Ancient, Byzantine, Contemporary Greece. Students are awarded a degree in philology, as teacher of the Georgian and Greek language and literature.
    A library of about 1,000 volumes is available.
    There is also a Program for the Dissemination and Teaching of the Modern Greek language, which may be attended by students of other faculties as well.
    Faculty: M. Giorgadze, N. Dzneladze, M. Tsenteradze, T. Kvaratshelia, Nino Lukasvili, G. Fontrier, K. Borchkhadze, M. Berdzenishvili.

  • ge Georgia | Exam Centers

    Tbilisi State University

    Institute of Classical, Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies |

    Ave. Chavchavadze 13
    O179 Tbilisi
    Tel.: 0099 53 22 53 220
    Fax: 0099 532 22 11 81

    Mrs Sophia Siamanidis

  • ge Georgia | Universities

    Tbilisi State University "I. Javakhishvili"

    Institute of Classical, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies |

    13 Chavchavadze Ave.
    380079 Tbilisi
    Tel.: +99532 250258
    Fax: +99532 221181

    Chairperson: Rismag Gordeziani Coordinator: S. Shamanidou, I. Aggelopoulos

    The Chair for Classical Philology is one of the oldest in the former Soviet Union. It was founded at the beginning of the 20th century by the Hellenist academic Gregory Tsereteli. The Chair is divided into the following separate units and departments: classical philology (for the training of teachers of Greek and Latin), Modern Greek language and literature (founded 1987) (for the training of teachers of Modern Greek language and literature in the secondary schools of Georgia).
    Subjects: Mythology, Greek History (Ancient, Byzantine and Modern Greece), History of Ancient Greek culture, History of the Greek language, Modern Greek language, Ancient Greek language, Introduction to Modern Greek Philology, History of Ancient, Byzantine and Modern Greek Literature, Comparative Grammar (ancient-modern). Students are awarded degrees in Russian and Modern Greek, in Georgian and Ancient Greek, and in Georgian and Modern Greek.
    A library, founded in 1995, of about 30,000 volumes is available to students.
    Faculty: Rismag Gordetziani, Sofia Siamanidou, Tamara Bakouratze, Maka Kamousatze, Tea Gemrekeli, Anna Tsikovani, Tea Gabridasvili, Maria Bitska.

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