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  • ca Canada

  • ca Canada | Exam Centers

  • ca Canada | Exam Centers

    AQ Building, Helenic Studies at Simon Fraser University

    8888, University Drive
    V5A 1S6, Burnaby BC
    Tel: 16042915886
    Fax: 16042914929

    Dr. Panagiotis Pappas

  • ca Canada | Universities

    Brandon University

    Faculty of Education |

    270-18th Street
    Brandon, Manitoba
    Canada R7A 6A9
    Tel./Fax: +1 204 727 -7325

    Pandelis G. Halamandaris

    Modern Greek courses have stopped being offered since 2007.

  • ca Canada | Universities

    Concordia University

    Faculty of Arts and Science, Department of Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics |

    1455 rue de Maisonneuve West
    Montréal, Québec H3G 1M8
    Tel.: +1 514 848 2424 (ext. 2300)
    Fax: +1 514 8488679

    Modern Greek courses (and other language courses like Jewish, Irish, Hindu, Russian) are offered at the Department. The courses are offered to students at beginning and intermediate levels. There is also a course for students of Greek origin who wish to improve their speaking and writing skills.
    Faculty: Lambros Kamperidis.

  • ca Canada | Universities

    Dawson College

    Hellenic Studies Centre |

    3040 Sherbrooke St. West
    Westmount, Québec H3Z 1A4
    Tel.: +1 514 931-8731, ext. 1616

    Coordinator: Eleni Karanika

    Dawson College, with more than 7,000 students, is the largest English-speaking College in Québec (Colleges are institutions that offer two-year pre-university training or three-year vocational training).
    The Hellenic Studies Centre was founded in 1986-1987 with the aid of the Montreal Greek community. The Centre coordinates the courses of Greek interest (numbering more than 20) offered by the Departments of History, Languages, Philosophy, Geography, English, Classics and Humanities, Religions, and Art History.
    Around 150 students attend these classes each year. Those who conclude the courses are rewarded with the Certificate in Greek studies, an asset for their university studies.
    The Centre also organizes events for the dissemination of Modern Greek culture (music, cinema, book exhibits, etc.) as well as conferences, seminars, etc., frequently with the co-operation of other organizations.
    Faculty: Helen Karanika.

  • ca Canada | Exam Centers

    Examination Centre for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek of the Greek Community of Montreal

    5777 Wilderton Ave.
    H3S 2V7, Montreal, Quebec
    Tel: 001 514 7382421 (ext.124)
    Fax: 001 514 7385466

    Fotis Komborozos

  • ca Canada | Exam Centers

    Greek School

    131 Southdale road west, London
    N6J 2J2
    Tel: 001 519 438 79 51, 001 519 472 99 69
    Fax: 001 519 438 68 34

    Mr Stratos Eleftheroglu

  • ca Canada | Universities

    Interuniversity Centre for Neo-Hellenic Studies of Montreal

    3744 rue Jean-Brillant, suite 520-01
    Montréal, Québec H3T 1P1
    Tel.: +1 514 343 7097, 343 6902

    Chairperson: Jacques Bouchard

    The Interuniversity Centre for Neo-Hellenic Studies of Montreal was founded in March 2002 with the mutual agreement between the Deans of the Arts and Sciences Schools of the Universities of McGill, Montréal and Concordia. Jacques Bouchard, an experienced scholar, was appointed as chairperson.
    Subjects offered: language, history, cinematography, Byzantine and Balkan history, translation. All students have the opportunity to attend classes and may continue with postgraduate studies.
    The agreement provides for exchanges among the three universities. The Centre coordinates the activities of the three universities concerning the courses and research in Modern Greek studies in Montreal. Languages used: English, French and Modern Greek. The Centre organizes events at the three universities and other institutions; it cooperates with other centres and institutions of Greek interest in Canada.
    Faculty: Διδάσκουν: Jacques Bouchard, Ilie Castiel, Dionysios Hatzopoulos, Lambros Kamperidis, Georges Kellaris.

  • ca Canada | Universities

    McGill University

    Classical Studies, Department of History |

    855 Sherbrooke St. West
    Montréal QC H3A 2T7
    Tel.: +1 514 398 3975
    Fax: +1 514 398 8365

    Coordinator: George Kellaris

    Modern Greek is offered by the Department of Classics. Students of languages, literature, and history attend introductory courses in Ancient Greek, Latin, and Modern Greek. The “Frixos B. Papachristidis” Chair for Modern Greek and Greek-Canadian Studies was recently established and assumed by Jacques Bouchard.
    Faculty: Nikos Poulopoulos, Phrixos Papachristidis, George Kellaris.

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