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  • bg Bulgaria | Universities

    New Bulgarian University

    Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures |

    21, Montevideo Str.
    Tel.: +359 8110371

    Coordinator: H. Yanisova

    Modern Greek is part of the program "Foreign Languages and Cultures". Courses total duration: 900 hours. For the first 2 years students attend the course "Introduction to Ancient and Modern Greek literature" which is offered in Bulgarian. Students choose a specialty (during their third year): 1) Translation: theory and practice, 2) History and literature, 3) Linguistics and Methodology of teaching foreign languages. The department has been operating since 1994 and the number of students is steadily increasing. Most first-year students have their first acquaintance with Modern Greek at the university. There are others who have attended the two Sofia highschools that offer Modern Greek; these students are at advanced level.
    Professor Poromanska is the chairperson of the Modern Greek section. She is also coordinating Modern Greek teaching in the Universities of Sofia and Plovdiv.
    Faculty: H. Yanisova.

  • bg Bulgaria | Universities

    Plovdiv University

    School of Philology, Department of Bulgarian and Modern Greek Language, Department of Balkanology |

    24 Tsar Asen Str.
    4000 Plovdiv
    Tel.: +35 9 32 261363
    Fax: +35 9 32 635049

    Modern Greek is offered at the School of Philology, in the Departments of Bulgarian and Modern Greek Language and of Balkanology.
    The Department of Bulgarian and Modern Greek Language requires a 4-year study (awarding a B.A. degree), while the Department of Balkanology requires a 5-year study (awarding an M.A. degree).
    Subjects taught at the Department of Bulgarian and Modern Greek language: Phonetics, Morphology, Syntax and Lexicology of Modern Greek, Ancient Greek, Historical Grammar of Greek, Byzantine Literature, Modern Greek Literature, Methodology of Teaching Modern Greek language and literature.
    Subjects taught at the Department of Balkanology: Modern Greek language, literature, Ancient Greek language and literature, Modern Greek Phonetics, Modern Greek Morphology, Modern Greek Syntax, Modern Greek Lexicology, Ancient Greek Morphology, Historical Grammar of Greek, Methology of Teaching Modern Greek language and literature. The state exams requires students of both departments to be tested on Modern Greek language and literature.
    The School of Philology is cooperating with department in Athens and Kozani on exchange-student programs (through ERASMUS program).
    School of Philology
    Dean: Dr. Zivko Ivanov
    tel.: +35 9 32 61332 , 32 261489
    e-mail :

  • bg Bulgaria | Exam Centers

    Sofia University

    Department of Language Learning |

    27, Kosta Lulchev St.
    1111, Sofia
    Tel: 00359 2 872 37 48, 00359 2 872 20 41
    Fax: 00359 2 870 5328

    Ms Evgenia Benova

  • bg Bulgaria | Universities

    Sofiiski Universitet

    Department of Modern Greek Philology |

    15 Bul. Tzar Osvoboditel
    1504 Sofia
    Tel.: +35 92 8468 290, 9308 381-382
    Fax: +35 92 8465 143

    The Department was founded in 1992 and has already produced several graduates. Modern Greek is offered for 8 semesters. Students can specialize in translation or the teaching of Modern Greek and receive a B.A. degree in Modern Greek.
    Faculty: Dragomira Valcheva, Milena Milenova, Irina Strikova, Georgia Katselou.

  • bg Bulgaria | Universities

    Sofiiski Universitet "St. Kliment Ohridski"

    Department of Language Learning |

    27 Kosta Loulchev St.
    1111 Sofia
    Tel.: +359 2 8710 069
    Fax: +359 2 8723 877

    Modern Greek is provided in the Department of Language Learning as a foreign language. The Department’s main objective is the teaching of the Bulgarian language to foreigners and the teaching of foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Modern Greek, Italian, Arabic etc.) to both Bulgarians and foreigners. The Institute of Foreign Studies of the University of Sofia began operation in 1961, and Modern Greek was first taught in 1989. In 1999 was renamed Department of Language Learning. The course includes four levels: beginners, intermediate (A), intermediate (B), advanced. The course is flexible (three-month duration, one-month duration, intensive and non-intensive, morning and evening classes). Students as well as other interested parties may attend the courses. A diploma is awarded after written exams. The Department has been an acknowledged certification centre for the Certification of Attainment in Modern Greek exams since 1992.
    A library with teaching material is available.

  • bg Bulgaria | Universities

    South West University

    School of Philology, Chair for Foreign Languages |

    66 Ivan Mihailov str.
    2700 Blagoevgrad
    Tel: +359/73/8889123
    Fax: +359/73/885516

    Modern Greek was introduced in 1994-1995 (specialty “Balkan Linguistics” and “Applied Linguistics-Bulgarian and Modern Greek). Since 1997 Modern Greek is a subject in the specialty “Applied Linguistics- Russian and Modern Greek” (-English and Modern Greek, since 2004 and soon in the “Ethnology” and “Balkan Studies” specialties).
    Students need not have any previous knowledge of Modern Greek.
    Subjects offered:
    o Modern Greek Language (8 semesters)
    o Grammar of Modern Greek {(lectures and labs for morphology and syntax)
    o Modern Greek literature
    o Greek civilization
    o Translation

    In 2005 the Greek Ministry of Education funded the Department for the realization of a language lab of 15 work places.
    Faculty: Natalia Sotirova.

  • bg Bulgaria | Universities

    St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo

    Faculty of Modern Languages, Department of Classical and Oriental Languages and Cultures |

    2 T. Tarnovski Str.
    5000 Veliko Tarnovo
    Tel.: +359 62 618283

    Coordinator: Ivanka Ivanova Doncheva

    The Faculty offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The total number of faculty members comes up to 300. Languages offered: English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Serbian, Modern Greek, Rumanian, Albanian, Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic.
    Coordinator for Modern Greek: Ivanka Ivanova Doncheva.

  • bg Bulgaria | Exam Centers

    Training Centre of Kotel

    Izyorska 21 Str.
    8970, Kotel
    Tel: 003594532289
    Fax: 003594532289

    Ms Vasilka Apostolova

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