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  • be Belgium | Exam Centers | Acknowledged Exam Centers

    Institut Libre Marie Haps |

    Rue d' Arlon 11
    B-1050, Bruxelles
    Tel: 0032 2 5119292, 003237719805
    Fax: 0032 2 5119837

    Pelagia Manetopoulou, Afroditi Maravelaki

  • be Belgium | Exam Centers

    P.C.V.O Gent |

    Henleykaai 83
    B-9000, Gent
    Tel: 0032 9 2671290, 0032 37719805
    Fax: 0032 9 2671291

    Mrs Els Willems, Mrs Lieve De Clerck

  • be Belgium | Universities

    Université Catholique de Louvain

    Institut de Langues Vivantes-Grec |

    Rue des Wallons
    1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
    Tel.: +32 10 479454
    Fax: +32 10 474366

    Director: Philippe Neyt

    The Institute is a research centre. Fourteen different languages are taught at five different levels. Some of the courses can be attended by all students.
    Faculty: Vaia Kouvara, Panagiotis Chrysanthopoulos.

  • be Belgium | Universities

    Université de Liège

    Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres, Langues et littératures anciennes, orientation classiques |

    7 place du ΧΧ Août
    4000 Liège
    Tel.: +32 4 366 5574/ 223 3239
    Fax: +32 4 366 5827

    Modern Greek has been offered as a foreign language to students of Classical Philology since 1998. Students can also choose Modern Greek as an elective course. No degree in Modern Greek is awarded.
    Books of Modern Greek interest contained in the Department’s library have been donated in part by Mr. Deisser.
    Faculty: Aikaterini Lefka.

  • be Belgium | Universities

    Université de Mons - Hainaut - UMH

    Ecole d'Interpretes Internationaux |

    Campus de la Plaine
    Avenue du Champ de Mars 17
    7000 Mons
    Tel: +32 65 373604
    Fax:+32 65 373622

    The School was founded in 1987-88 after the request of Belgian authorities to the Ministry of Education. Its faculty members are either teachers appointed by the Greek Ministry of Education specializing in history and culture, translation skills and a very good command of French.
    Subjects offered: Trends in Art (in French) and especially the important role of Greece and Byzantium in the formation of European and global culture, 2) the Greek culture in the French language, 3) Etymology, 4) Introduction to Art Terminology (in Modern Greek, French, English and Italian), 5) Translation from French to Modern Greek and Modern Greek to French for Greek-speaking students, 6) Translation from French to Modern Greek and Modern Greek to French for non Greek-speaking students, 7) Translation from French to Modern Greek and Modern Greek to French (Level II), 8) Modern Greek for foreigners.
    Faculty: Evdokia Papagiannopoulou, Artemis Menounou.

  • be Belgium | Universities

    Université Libre de Bruxelles

    Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres |

    50 Ave. F.D.Roosevelt
    1050 Bruxelles
    Tel.: +32 2 6423824
    Fax: +32 2 6502450

    Students can combine the courses of Modern Greek with those in another foreign language (English, German, or Dutch). Grammar, writing and speaking are the subjects provided.
    Faculty: Maria Yannacopoulou, Amalia Alexiou.

  • be Belgium | Universities

    Universiteit Gent

    Vakgroep Latijn & Grieks |

    2 Blandijnberg
    9000 Gent
    Tel.: +32 9 264 4094
    Fax: +32 9 264 4164

    Coordinator: Gunnar de Boel

    Classical Philology has been offered at the University of Gent since it was founded (1817). Modern Greek has been offered as an elective course since 1932. Since 1992, students have been able to choose Modern Greek as a secondary course. This program includes courses on Modern Greek language, literature and history for 3 years (4 hours per week). Students are credited a degree on Classical Philology (specialization Modern Greek). Their B.A. or PhD thesis can be about Modern Greece. All students of the Faculty of Philology can study Modern Greek (as an elective course).
    In this department there is also the Centre for Greek Studies (Griekenlandcentrum), which organizes lectures and seminars on every aspect of ancient, medieval and Modern Greek culture. Tetradio is the annual publication of the Centre.
    Faculty: Gunnar De Boel, Marc De Groote, Freddy Decreus, Kristoffel Demoen, Mark Janse, Wilhelmus Verbaal, Wolfgang de Melo

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