A Comparison of the Syllabus for the Centre’s Certification of Attainment in Modern Greek with Syllabi Offered at Other Levels 

Correlation between the CGL’s Certificate of attainment in Greek and those of other institutions (GCSE, GCE, Baccalaur 

Correspondence between syllabi

Correspondence between the syllabus for the attainment in modern Greek developed by the CGL and the syllabi for language at all educational stages.

In this section we initially present a comparative analysis between two syllabi and then the presentation of the findings follows. The analysis is based on the working hypothesis that a one-to-one correspondence among/between levels may be possible. Nevertheless this hypothesis was only partially confirmed. The similarities and differences between levels is proposed. In addition, other factors that may influence student performance are indicated. Offering assistance in the work of teachers and students constitutes the subject if this research, particularly in schools operated by the Greek diaspora, from which the related request for the comparative analysis emanated.

The content of this section is available only in the Greek version.

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