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  • au Australia | Universities

    Charles Darwin University

    School of Creative Arts and Humanities |

    Building 16, Casuarina Campus
    Darwin, NT 0909
    Tel +61 8 8210 2236
    +61 88 357 4103

    Coordinator: Michael Tsianikas

    Charles Darwin University, in cooperation with Flinders University and the Greek orthodox community, is offering Modern Greek courses to all students as an elective course.
    Faculty: Maria Palaktsoglou, George Frazis, Michael Tsianikas.

  • au Australia | Exam Centers

    Consulate General of Greece

    Education Office

    37-39 Albert Road
    Melbourne, 3004 Victoria
    Tel: 0061 3 98664660
    Fax: 0061 3 98208464

    Mr Vassileios Gokas

  • au Australia | Exam Centers

    Consulate General of Greece in South Australia

    Education Office of Australia - Division of Adelaide |

    300 Fliders Str. St.Adelaide CRN OF HUTT ST,
    Postal Code: 5000,
    Tel: 61882328049
    Fax: 61882328049

    Mr Panousis Panagiotis, Mr Litinas Antonios

  • au Australia | Exam Centers

    Consulate General of Greece in South Australia, Education Office of Australia - Division of Adelaide |

    300 Flinders Str. Level 1
    τηλ. 0061 88 23 28 049
    φαξ. 0061882328049

    Mr Panagiotis Panousis

  • au Australia | Exam Centers

    Coordinator for Education Office (Sydney)

    Level 2/219-223
    Castlereagh st, Sydney
    NSW 2000
    Tel: 61292833800
    Fax: 61292833833

    Mrs Eleni Papagiannopoulou

  • au Australia | Universities

    Flinders University

    School of Humanities, Department of Languages (Modern Greek) |

    GPO Box 2100
    Adelaide, SA 5001
    Tel.: +61 8 82012016, 82013074
    Fax: +61 8 82012784

    Maria Palaktsoglou

    The students of Flinders as well as other Universities (Adelaide, South Australia) have the opportunity to choose Modern Greek as an elective or as a minor course. They may also choose Modern Greek as their major, which leads to a B.A., Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts-Honours, Master’s and PhD degree.
    Faculty: Michael Tsianikas, George Frazis, Mary Skaltsas.

  • au Australia | Universities

    La Trobe University

    School of Historical and European Studies, Greek Studies Program |

    Bundoora, Vic. 3083
    Tel: +61 3 9479 2428
    Fax: +61 3 9479 1453

    The Greek Studies Unit is one of the most active in Australia, which is not surprising considering the fact that Melbourne is the largest Greek-speaking community outside Greece and Cyprus.
    The Unit offers a program for studying the Greek language, culture, and history (from antiquity to modern times) at all levels (undergraduate, honours and postgraduate). Undergraduate students of La Trobe University attend courses on the Bundoora Campus while those of Melbourne University attend courses at Parkville.
    The Unit regularly organizes seminars, conferences and lectures.
    Many of the courses are offered through the Department’s Lifelong Learning Programs.
    Faculty: Maria Herodotou, Christos Fifis, Helen Nickas, Despina Michael, Demetra Petrelli.

  • au Australia | Universities

    Macquarie University

    Department of European Languages |

    North Ryde, NSW 2109
    Tel.: +61 2 9850 7031
    Fax: +61 2 9850 7054

    Chairperson: Elizabeth Kefallinos

    The program for Modern Greek was founded in 1988 by the late Vassili Georgiou. It has been operating regularly since 1997 with the generous support of the Greek Studies Foundation. The program’s aim is to offer a sound knowledge of the Greek language and Greek culture, by providing intensive language courses and critical analysis of Greek literature, history, and culture. It is noteworthy that Greek is one of the nine most widely disseminated languages in Australia.
    Three levels of courses are offered: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Students may choose Greek as their Major or choose some of the program’s courses according to their needs. The Diploma of Languages (Greek) has been established in 2001.
    With the cooperation of the University of Athens, students of the Greek language take part in language courses during their summer vacation in Greece.
    Dr. Elizabeth Kefallinos is a member of the faculty. She specializes in contemporary Greek literature and poetry, the history of the Greek language, and the literature of Greek-Australians.
    Modern Greek as a foreign language is taught by Eleni Kritsotaki (appointed by the Greek Ministry of Education).

  • au Australia | Universities

    RMIT University

    Faculty of Education, Learning and Community Services, Australian-Greek Resource Centre

    209 Lonsdale Str.
    Melbourne, Vic. 3001
    Tel.: +61 3 9662 3307

    Centre Manager: Vicki Costa, Education Officer: Aki Sakkas

    The Centre was founded in 1997 at the initiative of the Faculty of Education, Learning, and Community Services. The Centre supports the programs for the Greek language and culture that the Department offers and maintains a collection of material on the history of Greek migration in Australia. The Centre is financed and supported by the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria, the Greek Ministry of Education, the Greek Consulate in Australia and organizations run by the Greek community.
    The Centre’s library contains more than 4,000 volumes accompanied by audiovisual material for language learning. The Centre has in its possession more than 1,000 folders with material relevant to the history, culture, literature, and Greek Press in Australia.
    Modern Greek is an elective course for many undergraduate programs such as the BA in International and Language Studies and the Bachelor of Teaching. Topics studied: culture, Greek-Australian relations, community development, Australian society and multiculturalism, history, literature.
    Faculty: Evgenia Bitsou, M. Demiraki.

  • au Australia | Universities

    RMIT University

    Education, Language and Community Services |

    Alva Grove
    Coburg, Vic. 3058
    Tel.: +61 3 93539363
    Fax: +61 3 94682931

    Coordinators: Guosheng Chen, Matina Demiraki

    Modern Greek courses are offered as a higher education elective course or as a single course at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. At the intermediate level, students have the opportunity to study aspects of contemporary Greek culture through film, poetry, and music. At the advanced level they study Katharevousa and aspects of Modern Greek literature and the literature of the diaspora. Courses are offered to both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
    Faculty: Guosheng Chen, Matina Demiraki.

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