Information about examinations in Modern Greek offered by other bodies

The Centre for the Greek Language provides candidates with the opportunity to acquire the Certificate of Attainment in Greek following examination held once a year every May.
The levels for which the Certificate is issued are four (A, B, C, D) and four are the skills examined: listening, reading, writing, speaking.

Except for the Centre for the Greek Language the Certificate of Attainment in Greek is also obtained by the School of Modern Greek Language of the National University of Athens. (

Another institution which certifies the attainment of the Greek Language of the Aristotle University of Salonica. (

Additionally a certification of attendance of lessons for the Greek Language after completing a course of studies is provided by the following institution:

1. Athens Centre. The Centre offers courses on Modern Greek to adults, both beginners and advanced, throughout the year. (tel:+30210-7012268,
2. British Hellenic College. One of the activities of the company is, among others, Greek language teaching for general and specific purposes (Greek for businessmen, secretaries, etc.) (tel:+30210-8217710, 8229272,
3. Centre for the Greek Civilazation. The Centre organizes courses on Modern Greek in Athens. It is addressed to adults of any nationality who wish to learn or improve their Greek Language skills and to get to know Greece and its culture, to foreign residents of Greece, people of greek origin living abroad, interpreters and translators and to students of Modern Greek in Universities abroad. (tel: 00302105238149)
4. Democritus University of Thrace, Department of Language, Literature and Civilization. The University of Thrace organizes courses for newly admitted students from foreign universities wishing to be taught Greek language and culture. (tel:+3025310-39413, e-mail:)
5. Hellenic-American Union. The Union offers courses on Greek language and culture on all levels. Special Greek courses for businesses are also organized on demand. (tel:+30210-3680900,,)
6. International Center for Hellenic and Mediterranean Studies. The Centre promotes the Greek culture through its educational programs. Its Greek language courses are addressed to students from North American universities. (tel:+210-7560749,
7. Institute for Balkan Studies. The Institute organizes Greek language courses on three levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). (tel:+302310-832143,
8. Ionian Centre. The Centre offers Modern Greek language courses on all levels in Athens and Chios throughout the whole year. (tel:+30210-3246614-5)
9. Ionian University. Greek Language courses are organized by the Department of Foreign Language, Translation and Interpreting, aiming at the promotion of the Greek language among students from foreign universities. (tel:+3026610-87222,
10. “Lexis” Centre for the Greek Language and Civilization. It is addressed to adult foreigners of all nationalities, Greek language students or teachers, foreigners of Greek origin, translators and interpreters wishing to learn Greek or to improve and perfect their knowledge. (tel:+3028210-55673, e-mail:)
11. University of Crete. The Department of Philology of the University of Crete organizes Greek language courses for foreigners, students or not, each year. (tel:+3028310-77278, e-mail:)
12. University of Ioannina, Centre for the teaching of the Greek Language and Civilization The University offers Greek language courses for students and teachers who are either foreigners or of Greek descent. (tel:+3026510 96535, 96447, e-mail: )
13. University of Patras, Centre of Cross-cultural Education. The Centre of Cross-cultural Communication of the Department of Primary Education organizes seminars on Greek language and culture for school and university students from abroad as well as for teachers who are either foreigners or of Greek descent. (tel:+302610-997548, 996252, e-mail: , )
14. YMCA. The courses are addressed to both beginners and advanced learners of Greek. (tel:+30210-36269)
15. Aeolis. Cultural Development Society of Lesvos Island: Intesnsive Greek Language courses specially designed in order to address the educational needs of non native students. tel: 00202251091660,

Finally, the Ministry of Education, Department of Private Education (tel:+30210-3237860, issues a certification of Knowledge of Greek Language after conducting exams. All interested parties can submit this certification as a relevant document in order to obtain a foreign language teaching license.