Structure of the examination and the test items

Τhere are four levels for the Greek Language Attainment Level Α΄, Level Β΄, Level C΄, Level D΄,[1], and four skills are examined: listening and reading comprehension, writing and speaking.

The examination addresses a target-group with general language needs and its content is of general interest. Its orientation is communicative, as the communicative system is regarded as more advantageous because it does not only emphasize grammatical precision and accuracy, but also the candidate’s competence to use the language and function efficiently within a given spatial and linguistic context. The skills under examination are clearly separated; the way and the means of examination are concretely defined and, additionally, there are guidelines for the answers that candidates should give as well as the number of right answers, which is indicated.

The written part of the examination pertains to two exam booklets. The first exam booklet includes the listening and reading comprehension items whereas the second one the writing part. The conduct of the oral examination takes place after the writing paper and it is scheduled by each exam centre.

1 The A' Level is the first and lowest level, while the D' Level is, for the time being, the most advanced as far as candidates' language knowledge and skills are concerned.