Dictionary Georgakas 

Greek-English Dictionary Georgakas 


The Publication of Volume One

The Centre for the Greek Language inherited a 7,000-page typescript containing fully edited entries from α-βάρος. According to Georgacas’ own calculations, this edited portion constitutes approximately one-sixth of the total, given that many words (compounds containing the alpha (α/αν)-privαtive or copulative, or the prefixes ανά or από), whose first letter would otherwise place them elsewhere, are included in this first volume. A table of abbreviations and rough draft of a catalogue with the names of authors cited accompanied the typescript.

Preparation for press proved time-consuming and far more demanding than original estimations. Among other tasks, the system for phonetic transcription of the entries Georgacas had used was completed and implemented; following Georgacas’ own model, a number of single entries were split into two. The Introduction was written, and the accompanying tables were compiled or completed. Correction of proofs required a great deal of time, chiefly from the moment that they were digitized, a project undertaken by the Centre’s “Electronic Site” staff. For the sake of uniformity it was necessary to adjust the entire text to the required typographical conventions and abbreviations before it could be converted into a database.

For the past three years, this database has been web-accessible to the entire educational community (http://www.komvos.edu.gr). It should be noted that in parallel with the Dictionary’s conversion to digital format, a comprehensive electronic lexicographic working environment was being created; the digitized format of the MGED was made compatible with the portal’s other linguistic resources, above all its dictionaries, for both research and school needs. For the latter, an initial typology of graded lexicographic exercises has been created. The “Electronic Site for the Support of Teachers of Greek” was made possible through funding provided by the 2nd Community Support Framework. The original database is already being refined within the framework of the “Electronic Portal for the Greek Language” a new work in progress, which has been undertaken by the Centre with funding from the 3rd Community Support Framework (as part of the Ministry of Education’s “Information Society” program). It should be noted that this is the first Greek dictionary (and one of only a small number of dictionaries in any language) to have been processed in such an exhaustive and structured fashion. The programmers and technicians who contributed to creation of the MGED’s database include Kostas Vezerides, Nikos Bartziokas, Georgos Papadopoulos, Christos Sevastiadis and Vincent Müller, who after a certain point assumed the major burden of the technical programming.
The following individuals collaborated on textual corrections: Georgia Alvanidou, Rodney Coules, Angeliki Efthymiou, Stephanos Frangos, Giorgos Papanastasiou, Margarita Sotiriou, Sophia Tsolaki, and Martha Vazaka. Petroula Tsokalidou and Aspasia Chatzidaki assumed responsibility for the phonetic transcription. The undersigned reviewed the entire text and in particular the final revisions, as well as the revisions and completion of the tables of authors and abbreviations, carried out by Evanthia Sistakou, Ioanna Papavasileiou and Stephanos Frangos. These three individuals also compiled new catalogues of ancient, Byzantine, and modern authors referred to in the etymologies, as well as of the dictionaries, editions, specialized studies and scholarly journals mentioned in the text. Corrections were entered by Polymnia Kypraiou, Georgia Alvanidou, and Maria Siam. Petroula Tsokalidou initially, and Katerina Plastara, at a later stage, offered substantial contributions to the scholarly and administrative coordination of all tasks required in preparing the MGED for publication. Deborah Brown Kazazis translated the Preface and Introduction. To all of the above, warm thanks are extended.

1 See the Introductions to: J.N. Kazazis, Τ.A. Karanastasis et al., Ε π ι τ ο μ ή του Λεξικού της μεσαιωνικής ελληνικής δημώδους γραμματείας 1100-1669 του Εμμ. Κριαρά, Vols. 1-2 (α-παραθήκη) (Thessaloniki 2001, 2004).

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