who are we?

Dear friends,

The DIVERSONOPOLY board game is the fruit of a GRUNDTVIG learning partnership which lasted from September 2008 to September 2010.

DIVERSONOPOLY is a board game which aims to enhance and build the intercultural communication among all the people who play and use it.

The game works as a tool against linguistic and cultural monopoly and efficiently boosts as both an ice-breaker and an educational instrument the intercultural communication in any setting that it is necessary to bridge the gaps between people with diverse sociocultural origins.

On this website you are more than welcome to try it, download samples of the material, get the necessary info for its language version and finally contact us for further details.

The following institutions and companies formed the DIVERSONOPOLY partnership:


VondiConsulting Unternehmensberatung Vondrak

The “VondiConsulting Unternehmensberatung Vondrak” has been the co-ordinator of our DIVERSONOPOLY partnership and it is a consulting company for the undertaking of European programs which has been actively involved in many European partnerships and consortia. Founder of the company is Mr Thomas Vondrak who has been the ‘maestro’ of our partnership.
Official website: http://www.vondi.eu/eu/Home.html

Comicsense Audiovisuelle Medien

Mrs Kerstin Liedtke founded the “Comicsense Audiovisuelle Medien” audiovisual company in 2005 and since then the company has been involved in TV and media (press) productions. Kerstin is the ‘mother’ of the Diversonopoly board game as she and Thomas have come up with the original idea.
Official website: http://www.comicsense.at/

Czech Republic

Střední zdravotnická škola

The “Střední zdravotnická škola” is a Medical College and Secondary Medical School i which offers both academic and vocational education. It prepares its students for careers in social services, health establishments, and nursing care in various departments of a hospital, general practitioner surgeries, or consulting rooms of specialists, home care, and charity nursing.
Official website: http://www.zshk.cz/basic_information_english


Ligue de l'Enseignement de la Loire

The “Ligue de l'Enseignement de la Loire » is an educational institution and the local department of the Fédération des Organisations Laïques et la Fédération de la Ligue de l'enseignement. It offers many services (education, sport, solidarity -national and international-, culture, social tourism, citizenship etc) and it is has been actively involved in adult education since its original foundation in 1866.
Official website: http://www.ligue-enseignement42.org/ interf\\


Centre for the Greek Language

The “Centre for the Greek Language” (CGL) is a research institute of the National Ministry of Education, responsible for the study of the Greek language and its history as well as issues involving language education and policy. One of its main missions is the Greek language attainment as it is the public institute responsible for the certification of Greek as a foreign/second language.
Official websites: www.greek-language.gr and www.greeklanguage.gr


Oslo Voksenopplæring Sinsen

“Oslo Voksenopplæring Sinsen” is an adult education centre and functions as a Lower and upper secondary school, offering courses /programs that are free of charge and available for inhabitants of Oslo.
Official website: http://www.english.oslovo.no/skolen/skolen1.shtml

United Kingdom

Association of Colleges in the Eastern Region

The Association of Colleges in the Eastern Region was formed in 1993 by further education colleges in the eastern region. Embracing six counties, ACER is proud to provide a central source of support, development and representation to its member colleges.
Official website: http://www.acer.ac.uk